Thursday, 31 March 2011


Well it's been a while since I checked in on the Murphy family and when I did I was surprised to see Taylor was pregnant and it seems to have impacted on her fashion sense! So between getting the house ready for their first born and reading pregnancy books Liam managed to squeaze a few precious moments in with the bump....

Deciding the pair needed a good night out to chase away the cobwebs Taylor opted for a good boogie down at the local nightclub and yet again Liam's drinking led to more embarrassment as he climbed the bar and began to shake his stuff like a pro!

Before long Taylor had also joined in on the fun and decided to get flirty with Liam in the elevator!

It's a good job these two are married, could you imagine the scandal! After that Taylor decided it was home time and dragged Liam back to the house where they carried on their 'activites' until the early hours...

The next day was a slow one and after a quick cuddle session the pair decided to have lunch at home together.....

It was during this time that Taylor decided to announce she was going into labour much to poor Liam's shock as he ran around screaming. Ever in control Taylor grabbed the car keys and headed towards the hospital!

While in the hospital I noticed one of the nurses out in the parking lot busking...don't these poor girls get paid enough?

Eeek I wonder what they'll have...I'm sure no matter what happens they'll both make wonderful parents!

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  1. Forgot all to comment on it, but I'm loving every minute of it !! Such a lovely couple and LOL about the nurse in the last pic ! :D