Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Welcome to Bridgeport

Liam and Taylor Murphy married as young adults and have moved to Bridgeport to start a life of their own away from their parents back in Twinbrook. Coming from a relatively small town the hustle and bustle of big city living came as a shock to them, but lets see how they do yeah?

Let's get the introductions started's the lovely Taylor, our resident redhead and all round sweet girl next door type.

Next up is the very lovely Liam...all round athlete/ jock Liam was the star or Twinbrook's local high school football team and resident heart-throb!

As soon as they walked through the door Liam decided it was time for a quick smooch and went in for the kill using the old shy and cute technique

After some serious lip-locking Liam decided it was time to relax and unwind after a hard days unpacking and flopped on the sofa for some game time while Taylor hit the computer to chat to family and friends back in Twinbrook.

After beating his own high score on Lama Warriors 2 (Liam's favourite game) he decided it was time to rustle up some grub and show off his manly knife handling skills...

After eating came a good cuddle session (careful Liam we all know where this could end up!)...

And as the day began to end and the sunset over Bridgeport the towns newest residents decided to call it an early night...nighty night guys x


  1. Great story Q !! Love the Simmehs, love the story & great piccies !! Ohh that last pic, love it !! <3

  2. Thankies Eva hun the last picture isn't mine, I couldn't get a good one in game so I found one instead LOL...I'm so glad you like Liam and Taylor's new home though!